L1 to H1 Cos -- Visa Stamping at Canada or India?

I have been working in US from last 3.5 years. I was on L1B visa till Oct 2012 and moved to new employer ( h1B petitioner) in Nov 2012. I transferred my H1 visa to another employer in the month of April 2013.

I am planning to go for VISA stamping in the end of July ( 4 months with current employer). This is going to be my first time H1B stamping.

Is it ok to attend visa stamping at Canada, as I have been working in US fro last 3.5 years? If not, what are all the complex quextions I can expect from Visa Officer in India?

Please advice. Thanks in advance!

Are you planning to travel outside of US? If not, you don’t need to go for stamping.

Since you had your initial stamping (L1) done in India, this time you could go for stamping in Canada. But be prepared for any emergencies, in the event of application going into administrative processing or even rejection.

Actually, you haven’t done any H-1 stampings in the past, and this will be your first H-1 visa stamping. So it is recommended to go to the home country.