L1 to H1 COS pending and planning trip outside US


I am currently on L1 and my H1 COS is pending. I planned a trip to my home country in 2 weeks. As of now, I am travelling on L1 but I am not sure what is going to happen if my COS is approved in the meantime (say next week). Can I still travel on L1 and come back on L1? Will there be any issues at POE?

If it is not aproved you can go to India and come back on L1 as long as it is valid. If your H1 COS is approved, you must return with H1 stamping. If you return with L1 then your H1 is void.

Thanks Ram. So, you are saying that even if COS is approved, I can return on L1 without any issues but the only thing is that H1 becomes void. Correct?

H1b does not become Void only COS will get abandoned then only Refiling of COS has to be done here in US.