L1 to H1 COS - H1 Amendment prior to approval. Pls help

Dear Friends,

I really appreciate your answers here. My situation is like this.

  1. I am here on L1A from a reputed consulting firm.

  2. Wanted to switch over to a different company and a consultant applied for my L1 to H1 COS in the month of May with an internal project and LCA. H1 petition number is EAC121515XXXX

  3. During Sep 12 I got a job from big company here in US, my consultant applied for an amendement and upgrade my application to premium on Sep 6th 2012. EAC number this time is EAC122385XXXX.

  4. I got an RFE on 24th of Sep for my EAC122385XXXX petition, for which my client responded on 26th Sep. From 27th onwards it is in RFE response review status.

  5. On 27th Sep my EAC121515XXXX also got RFE for which we didn’t respond as we were more curious on EAC122385XXXX being approved.

  6. Now when my lawyer called the customer service regarding EAC122385XXXX application, consulate is asking us to respond ot EAC121515XXXX application. I am unable to understand this situation.

  7. Finally on 8th Oct my attroney responded to RFE for my EAC121515XXXX application and he also upgraded the same to premium.

Now please suggest if I will get my response to EAC122385XXXX application within 2 days as 15 day period will be over or I will have to wait for another 15 days as my EAC121515XXXX application is being responded. I am going crazy with so much of complication in my candidatures.

Just to let you know all the documents, and procedure is 100% correct and we also have PO and client letter for the RFE.

Appreciate your responses.