L1 to H1 Cap exempt using old H1


I started working in U.S in 2005 Nov on L1 visa, changed to H1 with same employer in 2009, but left the country in 2009, came back in 2011 on H1 and moved out of the country in 2013 due to 6 years of continuous stay (L1+H1).

I moved back to U.S 2 months ago on new L1 petition, can I apply for cap exempt of my old H1 petition as I only utilized 2.5 years of my H1(2011 - 2013).

No, you cannot. If you want your clock to be reset, then you need to go through the cap again. If you are able to get PERM or I-140 approved on L-1, then maybe H-1 cap-exempt can be applied but not in current set-up.