L1 to Green Card & Visa Stamping

Hii Saurabh,

Unfortunately I could not file H1B in this year’s cap. I am now planning for L1. However I have few questions regarding it which are as follows

  1. Is there a minimum time period I have to work on L1 to be eligible for applying Green Card??

  2. As I understand there is no LCA required for L1 and hence Employer is not entitled to pay the prevailing wage. Is this true??

  3. I am now going to work in Austria for approx 6 months. In case the L1 is appoved is it possible to go for Visa stamping there or I have to come to India for that?

Appreciate your help.


  1. No

  2. Yes

  3. It is better to attend it in the home country. You can check w/ US consulate in Austria for more details.