L1 to F1 then apply for new H1 ?

Hi Sourabh,

I am currently in L1B and will be completing my 5 th year in 2014 Jan.I am planning to transfer my Visa to F1 and work with CPT for 1 year.My question is, can I apply H1 after 1 year? if I can apply, will I get complete 6 years of H1?


please avoid CPT abuse. F1 is ment for study and not for working. I have seen atleast a dozen denials due to CPT abuse.

Even those who had their H1’s approved previously their extension is being denied because of this CPT from day 1 abuse. Check the Goldey Beacom RFE’s and H1b denials for the students.

Why are you risking your future in US by fraud methods. Your GC processs will surely be jeopardized

and BTW to get full 6 year of H1 you have to stay outside US for atleast 1 year and then apply capped H1B after that 1 year