L1 Tenure coming to end , H1B for L1 & L2 visa holders in process

Employer of L1 visa holder forcing to go back in Jul 2013.

L2 visa holder has EAD and works for a big desi consulting company.

I94 for both expires in Sep 2014

H1B with COS is in process for both. (Initial Review for L1 & RFE for L2)

Is there any legal way to stay back from Mid Jul to Oct 1(by filing any other visa or whatever) ?

Is there any other visa or process that L2’s employer can follow to make her stay back for 2 months till H1B gets processed ? L2’s employer seems to be ready to support. L2 visa holder joined this company in the US for the first time and worked here for about 3 months now.

If you move to another visa, then your dependent will also have to move to that visa. This may cause a break in employment of your dependent.

In addition, the only visas you can move to are B-1/2 and F-1, and both of them are tricky as you need to have valid reasons to move to them and add another layer of complexity (race scenario as to which COS gets approved first).

If you have to leave US, then your dependent will also have to leave US and cannot stay back on L-2.

You can also talk to your H-1 attorney about this.