L1 Stamping back in India while leave USA


I am working on L1, my visa was extended during 2011 October, I want to visit India for two weeks and I know then I will have to get L1 stamp on my passport again before comming back to US. my question is as I already have extension will it be easier to get stamping in India OR it will be the same procedure which I followed at the time of first stamping.

Can I leave my Wife (on L1 dependent visa) in US and come back after two weeks.

Will there again be an interview with consulate in India are chances of rejection lesser as I already have extension here.


The stamping process in India has changed and you should check out the latest information on their website. It should not be that difficult based on the fact that you just got it extended in US. But its never 100% surety.

When did you previous visa expired? You may be applicable for visa waiver program if it expired within last 1 year.

Yes, you can leave your wife for 2 weeks while you complete your India trip.