L1 L2 questions

L1 PED date: 30-MARCH-2016

L1 I94 exp date: 30-OCT-2018

L2 PED date: 30-MARCH-2016

L2 I94 exp date : 30-MACRH-2016

should the L2 visa holder leave by march 2016 if the visa is not extended? incase if extension have to be applied, should the L1 visa be extended as well? or the L2 visa can be extended based on L1 I94 expiry date?

Please help if you have answers. thanks in advance.

No action required for L-1 visa holder.

For L-2 visa holder, either the person needs to leave US and return on stamped L-2 visa; or file for L-2 extension while continuing to stay in US.

Hi Saurab… thanks for your response.
If L2 visa holder leave US, will their I94 gets extended based on the L1 I94 upon return?
also do you mean the visa extension is not required for L1 as they already have i94 till 2018?
the petition end date does not play any role here?
please clarify.

In case of L-1, one can continue to stay and work on the basis of I-94. You can confirm that w/ your attorney as well.

Typically they issue I-94 for 3 years when entering US. Not sure, why your wife got a shortened I-94.

ok thanks Saurabh for the response. i will post here if i still have questions.