L1 / L2 I94 expiring in Aug 2013 and filing for EAD


My husband’s L1B visa is expiring on 10 Aug 2013 and so is his I94. He is currently in the US and filing for an extension. I am planning to travel over there before my visa expiry which is on the same date as his. I would like to know that in case i get an I94 beyond his I94 expiry date, will i be in a position to file for an EAD based on my I94? Or will his I94 / Visa have to be valid for the EAD to be processed?

Also, how long would the whole extension process take? If there is a way in which we can expedite and know the status of the visa.

Kindly let me know at the earliest.

Thanks a bunch.


I think you will get it based on your I-94 expiration date, but I am not 100% sure. Maybe others who have undergone this can answer more concretely.

Processing is 2-3 months and I don’t think it can be expedited.