L1 Inactivated on H1 B approval


I fall under this situation.

	If the H1 approval comes with a new I-94, you are in H1 status from the date listed on that new I-94, and you have to stop working for the L1 employer and start working for the H1 employer from that date on.
In addition to this , My L1 Visa has been expired and my I-94 is valid for 3 more years.

I don't want to loose L1 I-94 on the approval of H1B from future employer new I-94 as he has files Change of status for me.

So how can I keep my L1 I-94 in this situation. What are the different options can I try, Please suggest.

If your H1B petition is filed w/ COS, your L1 I-94 will become invalid on the start date mentioned in the new I-94 (H1B) qutomatically.

If you need to decide when you join the other company, you should file your H1B petition w/o COS. In this case too, your L1 I-94 will be void as soon as you are issued with H1B I-94. There is no way you could keep your L1 I-94 alive till its validity date other than continuing with L1 status.

Thnaks for reply

I have H1 filed with COS and approved for work from 1st oct with new I94 Oct 1st.
Now if I am not joining the new company on H1 B.
Still my L1 I-94 will be void?

Please suggest