L1-H1 Conversion and filing for L2 EAD renewal simulatneously


My husband is on L1B working for company A, and his petition is getting expired June 2013.But we both have our I-94’s till June 2015.My L2 EAD expired Dec 2012.So if I apply for EAD renewal,will it be approved till his L1 petitions validilty or based on our I-94’s?

And also if he applies for H1 Conversion for the cap of 2014,Can I file for my L2EAD renewal meanwhile?

Can we file for L1B-H1 and L2 to H1 simultaneously?

It will be approved till your I-94 expiration date. Yes, you can file for your EAD while your husband applies for his H-1. Note that once his H-1 is approved w/ COS, your L-2 and EAD will become invalid. You will either move to H-4 or to your H-1.