L1 getting invalidated on applying H1b


I have Question.

I am currently in L1 with Company1 and Company2 has provided me an offer and has applied H1B.

                when will my L1 get invalidated? The day I join Company2? or the day I get my H1B approved, no matter whether I joined Company2 or not?

If you meant L1 petition, it will be invalidated when its cancelled by the petitioner. I don’t think the approved petition will be cancelled automatically.

If you meant L1 status, it will be on the COS approved date after which you will be in H1B status.

Hope that helps.

Thanks for the quick response Sujith.

I just need little more clarity so I am re-phrasing my question.

I am on L1b with Employer A and I was planning to join employer B. Now, employer B initiated my H1b (cap exempt-used my old H1 quota). In case, my H1 gets approved and if I don’t want to join Employer B and continue on L1b status with Employer A, will my L1b still be valid and can I continue on L1b and cancel my H1b ?

Thanks in advance,

As far as I know, until Employer A revoke your L1 petition its valid.