L1 extention RFE, H1B RFE based on L1 approval


I have applied for L1 A Extension and at the same time H1 through another company.

My L1A got an RFE and also got an RFE for H1.

H1 RFE states that unless I have a valid status(L1 Approval. L1 extension receipt number mentioned in H1 RFE), by H1 cannot be processed. so I need to wait till my L1 is approved. Once L1 is approved, My H1 may be approved.

I submitted the L1 RFE docs to USCIS.

My question is,

If L1 gets rejected, then can I go back to India and get back on H1, in such a case what changes do I need to make with H1 filing.

If L1 approval process gets delayed, beyond october, and H1 approval also gets delayed, then can I search for projects during the month of Nov, Dec(availability of projects at the end of year).

I also have plans to go to india for a visit. which option is better.

Im thinking to going back to India, for good, once my L1 gets approved(company pays for tickets). then resign formally and get H1 stamping and travel on my own.

Else, after getting H1 approval, join a project for 6 months then take a vacation.

Please suggest me.

Thanks in advance.