L1 Expires ( I 94 valid) to H1 B


My L1 A visa expires in June 2013 while I94 is valid till june 2015.I have got an employer who is ready to file my H1 b.


My question is , if my H1 gets approved , do i need to go out of US for stamping H1b before i can start 

working from 1st Oct 2013 OR stamping / visa would be required only if i am going out of US.


My sponsor compmany is suggesting to get L1 extension from my L1 A company. Is this necessary because my I94 is valid till 2015 ?


Will LI1 expiration would add any complication for H1 B processing even though i have valid I94 ?



If your H-1 is filed and approved w/ COS, then you will be on H-1 from COS effective date. You will have to work on H-1 from that date and don’t need to get H-1 visa stamped as long as you remain inside US.

As you have a valid I-94 until 2015, it should be fine for COS. L-1 visa expiration in the passport doesn’t matter.