L1 employment to be terminated. Can L2 still work as EAD is valid?

If L1A visa holder’s employment will be terminated in 2 months (May) due to position elimination, can L2 visa holder continue to work (for the same company, btw) for another 1 month (June) if:
L2’s EAD is valid by July
L2’s PED date of visa is also valid by July
L1A is in the country (family plans to move out of US mid-June) and has a valid visa PED date by July as well.
The visa itself is valid by 2021 summer.

So, according to the official paperwork it looks OK.
Are there any restrictions what the company faces or is it only their discretion if they allow the 1 month lengthening of the employment status for the L2 visa holder?

thank you

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L2 can work as long L1 works in the same company which sponsored the L1 visa. Once L1 is not there, L2 becomes invalid which invalidates L2-EAD.

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Thank you for the reply.