L1 B extension got RFE and H1B in initialReview

My employer A applied for L1B extension before i94 expirey and I got RFE on the extension. Another employer B applied for L1 to H1B COS in June and H1B status show Initial Review review.

My Questions are

  1. What are the chances of my H1B getting approved as CP/COS, do I need to request Employer B to change H1B COS to CP.?

2)we are planning to reply for RFE , if the RFE turned into deniel, will i be able to enter US after 1 Year on L1A or I will be never able to enter.?

  1. we are planning to reply , if the RFE turned into deniel, the period of my stay after expiry will be shown as non complaince.?

  2. can I work in other countries for I year for the same employer A and re enter US on L1 A or is it mandatory to work in home country for minimum period of 1 year?

I appreciate for your time.