L1 and L2 Extensions, EAD after I-94 expiry?

Hello Kumar,
I am on L2 visa. My husband’s L1 and my visa expired in march 2020. Our visa is valid till march 2022 on passport. We have applied for premium visa extension but received rfe in april, 2020. We will submit rfe responce in june so that we will get more time is USA.
My question is my EAD also got expired in march 2020. I want to apply for ead extension. So am I eligible to apply as our i94 also expired in March 2020?
Can I apply for ead now?

Ideally, you should have done it before the I-94 expired, but now as it is already done. Put in a cover letter stating you missed to apply and applying now… Your ability to work with depend on the approval of the L2. It is hard to say, if they will accept or not as it is slightly grey area…Just apply and hope it will get through…

Thank you Kumar.
Then I think I should apply for ead extension only after I get the visa extension. Because if I apply now and if got rejected then fees of $410 i will have to pay again right?
It is mentioned on sote that it is not refundable.
what your thoughts on this?
Our L1 L2 visa extension result likely coming in August or september.
Will there be any problem in getting ead extension after 6months?

Hi Kumar,
i have an different situation now.
Yesterday i checked visa status for my husband online and it shows visa denied. he has L1A visa and mine is L2. but my husband’s i94 is valid till april 2021 and on passport visa expiry is july 2022. my i94 expiry is march 2020.
we filed in premium then received RFE and then received responce of rfe in 12days.
so my question is can we refile again as i94 is not expied yet? or can we apply gor L1b visa or transfer in H1b?
or we have to leave US asap?