L1 A visa status to move into H1 B visa with a different company.

Once you apply for H1b visa on Change of Status from L1 A, and assuming the H1b petetion(with Company2) is valid from Oct 2013, if you travel out of the US and reenter before Oct 2013, what happens to the COS on H1b vs L1 A.

Appreciate the pros and con’s of reentering the US while having a valid H1 B petetion vs L1 A visa



If you leave after COS has been approved, but return prior to Oct 1, then your COS still goes into effect and you will move from L-1A to H-1 on Oct 1.

Hey Saurabh,

Thanks for the response.

So what happens if the travel outside the US happens after Oct1, 2013, given the scenario, will the COS on H1 become invalid, if yes, then can’t you use this H1 petetion to move out from Company1 at a later time frame -.

If you leave US after Oct 1 (i.e. after your COS has been activated), you will have to appear for H-1 visa stamping if you want to return and work on H-1. If you want to return and work on L-1, then you need to return on your L-1A visa stamp