L1-A site visits in light of recent draft executive order by US govt

Hello all

I hold L1-A visa which with expiry on June, 2019. My L1A petition (I129) has address-1 for customer-1 but currently I’m at address-2 for customer-2.

Due to recent draft executive action in progress – L1A site visits may start to happen more frequently. Due to this, I have two questions:

  1. Please advise if I need to take any action to get my petition I129 updated for new address-2.
  2. If a USCIS officer asks me about address-1 in petition what should I answer?

Many thanks in advance.

If it is blanket L1-A , it should not be a problem

Thanks L2hquery.
Yes, it’s a blanket L1-A petition.
Also, can you please tell me the answer if the visiting USCIS officer asks me about original address-1 in petition - like if I worked there at all etc.?
Thanks again.

You can mention that your organization has asked you to report at Client site-2 instead of client site -1 based on the urgency of the requirement. However since it is blanket, mostly they dont ask you. I travelled like that only. You can very well check at your organization’s visa cell as well formally.