L to H conversion with 2 different companies at a time.


I Am on L1 visa which is valid until march 30 2013 but a valid I 94 until may 5 2015. My company says it will file New H1 this year, as L-H which is fine.

I am not sure if they will really file this year or not. I dont want to take risks hence i want to with different consultant who is ready to file h1 on my behalf this year.

My question is

  1. What will happen if both companies file H1 in my case? Is it legal? Can i have choice to pick up the company of choice who files H1 for me starting october?

Multiple employers can file H-1 petition for you. As soon as the first COS gets approved, your status will change to H-1 from that COS effective date. If both are approved, then you can decide which employer to stick with.