L-1B RFE and H-1B Change of Status query

I am on L-1B visa and my Visa got expired in March 2021 and my company filed extension in March 2021…I am working on receipt and my work authorization is going to expire in first week for November. I have got RFE. In RFE many company confidential data is asked so not sure company can provide any confidential & proprietary data externally.

In this year lottery, my name got selected and my petition got approved with (I-797B) (Consular processing) Is there any way my status get Changes without going to abroad? Please help on, I have infant and I kid is going to School. is US consulate is giving appointment for cases like me?

I need one Help on L-1B response, What kind of document can be provide for below queries as these are confidential documents. is any letter from Higher Management can help here ? if any letter format/template I get, then I can ask with higher management to give on his/her letter head. Please please if you people can help…

  1. Curricula/Training manuals that you have created for internal training courses or other evidence to demonstrate your specialized knowledge.

  2. Evidence of patents, trademarks, licenses, or contract’s awarded to “XXX Company” based on your specialized knowledge work, or similar evidence that you have specialized knowledge of a process or

  3. products that is sophisticated or complex

  4. Work product samples that illustrate your specialized knowledge, such as presentations, algorithms, coding, models, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, manuals, white papers, etc,