L-1B 240 Days over even after Premium Request

Hi Kumar/All,

I am stuck in a very complex situation right now and looking for some help.
My employer filed my L1 B extension in Dec 2020 (my Visa and I94 was expiring in Jan 2021). My case is still showing as case received and its almost 8 months already. My 240 days period gets over in September 2021.

Considering the available time, my employer and attorney filed a request to convert this case to premium on 21nd July 2021. Its been 15 days already but the case is still in regular processing as check has not been cashed by USCIS yet (FEDEX Delivery is confirmed).

Attorney already opened a service request which might take 30 days and go beyond my 240 days.

Please suggest.

You still have some time left and as you have already upgraded the case, it should be approved before your status expiry.

Next time make sure you file the extension well in advance ( can file up to 180 days in advance) and go for PP always!

Thanks Kalpesh, the issue is that USCIS hasn’t even accepted the request of premium conversion. Ideally, they should have given some decision by this time as the premium conversion request was made on 21 July ( almost 18 days now), but they haven’t even encashed the cheque. Thoughts ?

Many people have reported this on other forums too where there is a lot of delays just opening the packet and generating the receipt.

Unfortunately you will need to wait.

Thanks !! Just got my approval last week. USCIS sent a letter confirming that they have adjudicated using regular processing only.

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