Know the passport number, but not any other details.

Hi all,
Hope your doing well. Thanks admin for supporting us so for, hope ll do the same in future.
My problem is rare and expecting some sort of solution from you guys,
My father applied for a passport in 1997 by a travel agancy. I gave some details like DOB etc, and signed the form. They have submitted passport and passport arrived. Passport has not reached my home. my father forgot about this. In 2014 oct, i applied new passport for my parents as, i am not aware of my father’s old passport details, as my father forgot about it.
After, they reached passport office, officer said to my father, that he had a passport in 1997 and asked my father to bring it back. And my father expalined the same to officer. officer gave a remarks paper stated that "suppresion of inforamtion regarding old passport NO:xxxxxxxx, advised surrender old ppt.
Can somebody help on this. I would like to see my parents on my grad-walk in dec 2014.
Thanks alot in advance.