Joining preferred vendor


I’ve my I140 approved from a desi consulting company but had a horrendous experience with them. It’s prompting me to think if I should join prime vendor on same project. I’ve I140 approved, H1 extension with RFE, RFE on 1st amendment and 2nd amendment pending too. What compensation and benefits are offered by preferred vendors? What other things should I typically consider while joining besides compensation and benefits?

Do you know if your employer and middle vendor have a non-solicitation agreement? If yes, you may not be able to join them.


I checked an appendix that I signed for vendor and it prohibits me from joining client. Could that stop me from joining vendor since I don’t have any such document signed for my employer?

Yes, that could stop you from joining the end client. It is possible that your employer signed a similar document w/ the client. Get the docs reviewed by a good labor attorney in case you decide to go against them.