Joining an Employer as a Full time employee referred by a Consultancy


I am with Employer A and was looking to change my job and had applied for a job in Employer B, 4 months back. I had not received a call yet and meantime, through another employer ( apparently a Consultancy ) said will arrange an interview with that employer and will offer a h1b transfer with a position as a contractor with Employer B.

Later, i received a call from Employer B and after couple of interviews, the HR of Employer B offered a permanent position saying your resume was already in our database as i had applied 4 months back. When i decdied to accept that offer, i was threatened by the consultancy that i cannot accept that offer as he had referred me to that employer B. To this, when i decided to ignore the consultancy and asked them ( consultancy & employer B ) to work out internally, he has been threatening to send a legal notice to me and also cause trouble to my H1b petiton and probably a deport and also any possible problem.

When i consulted the HR of employer B, they said , i am free to choose any employer and law does not stop me in doing so. But, they will not interfere as it should be my decision.

Could you please suggest me what should i be doing. My experience with this consultancy defenitely is not fruitful and have no more trust on it. Would there be any impact on my H1b petition or would the consultancy cause any harm to me if i accept the offer of Employer B.

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Hi Infoseeker,

Iā€™m also facing the same situation. It will be very helpfull if someone from this forum responds to this question.