Job opportunity for PhD holder

Hi, I am on H1B visa working in NY state, US. Am exploring job options for my wife who holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from Mumbai University and has a work experience of 1 years in India. She will be coming to US in Dec later this year under H4 visa. She would prefer to utilize here PhD to get a job/research job in industry/University as soon as possible. Have few queries:

What are the job prospects for her in US?

What visa is required to get her working in University/industry?

Approach/strategy to improve her employablity in US?

How much time it can take?

I am pretty new to US and would appreciate any suggestions in this regard.




I know a friend of mine, who have got her wife with PhD to work at a University as researcher. Having a PhD gives her a lot of advantage, she can apply for any of the schools for research or teaching roles. They may even sponsor her H1B visa, it will be cap exempt, if universities apply.

One of things she can do is to look at her PhD area and see, if the schools around your area has any demand for researchers. She can proactively reach out to schools in your area and share her credentials and PhD details and see, if any roles exist.