Job opportunities in India after MS in US (Chemical Engineering) ?

I’m a Chemical Engineer and having a job, m planning to do MS in USA.

The question is if I do job in US after MS for say 1-2 years, how are the job opportunities in India ?

Can these 1-2 years experience in US be counted by the employer in India ?

Yes, the 2 years would be counted by the employer in India. One of the things they will do is take out your MS duration and then count your experience. Even, if you work during MS doing internship, big MNCs do not count that experience. They will consider experience after your education only…I know this because, my cousin after moving back to India, one of the large MNCs did not consider his internship work experience when he was doing MS…Again, this is my counsin’s experience…it may vary by company…but something to be aware of…Also, I suggest you read this article on Job Opportunities in India after MS in USA

Thanks Kumar,

I went through the article highlighted above…
It got almost all relevant info regarding my questions.
But it would still be more better if you could tell me more about the job opportunities after MS in US (Chemical Engineering Particularly).

Thanks in advance for your reply…