Job in India after M.S from USA

Hi All,

I’ve completed B.Tech and working in an Indian MNC for the last 3 years (I’m 24 yrs now) . I’m planning for getting M.S in computer Science from USA. Is this right time?? If yes, I want to work in USA for few years. However around the age 40 to 45 I want to return to India and get settled here .

Please let me know the various oppurtunities I may have (ahead in future) which can earn me a decent amount at the time of retirement too…

It is proably the right time. The fundamental question you need to think about is Why do you want to MS ? Would you prefer to go to America for MBA ? Is it your goal to make some money ?

	[Goal for MS in USA ](

	[MS in USA - Goal vs Other options  ](

Getting you MS from America is not going to gurantee you much, because higher education is not valued as much as you would think these days. Read this 

	[Jobs in India after MS in USA ](

Think of all your options and give it some time to make a decision. Discuss with friends and seniors, they will guide you.

Yes, it is the good time to come to US, because even if you are on OPT, you can get a job easily as you will be already having work experience.