Job: Computer Systems Analysts


My company is applying H1B for me, this April. I am offered a role as Computer Systems Analysts - Level 2, which is same as what I am working at offshore(India). I was told that Level 3 is for Team Leads, which is not applied for me. However, at offshore, I am likely to be promoted to Team Lead role in 2 months time. So, if I get promoted, will it hinder my chance of getting Visa at the H1B interview level, which is likely to happen after 2 months time. This is because at offshore, at that time, I will be working as Team Lead, but at USA I will be going to work at one level below. So wont they find the disparity with my salary slips, which contains my current role?

When they file your LCA they cannot wait for your promotion or anticipate it. So they are correct that you are on Level 2.

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Thank you LionKing.
By the way, my employer has submitted for for H1B by April 1st, hopefully i win the lottery & get through. Do you have any idea, when will we know who won the lottery. When the petition number will be given?

1 week for premium processing
2 to 4 weeks for regular

Your lawyer will be informed with receipt number

Thank you for the details. have a good day :slight_smile: