Job assurance after MS in USA.

Hi Sir,

I have 2 years of experience in Software Testing field and now I am planning to do MS in US as it is my passion since my childhood.

My questions is after completion of MS from top 50 universities what is the job assurence in US?

And will my this 2 year of experience will count while getting job in US?

as i’ll take education loan, i have to nill my loan and make savings in US, job assurity is very big issue for me.

Need your valuable advice in detail ASAP.

Thanks and Regards,


Unfortunately, there is no job assurance. You have to be clear on your goal. With the Visa Changes, it is hard to get work permit. Last year there was lottery for work permit or H1B visa. Read Study MS with H1B Lottery.

Yes, your experience may count, but very little though. I understand your situation, but unfortunately with the visa changes and lottery, it is a tough decision. You need to be a little lucky to get visa, if not you may have to return back home…

Thats why, if it is your childhood dream, you can still puruse education and plan to come back. You can work on OPT for 1 year or 29 months depending on your degree. Hopefull you can clear your debt in that time.