Job and in 60 day grace period. Newly Issued 180 day H1B Grace Period?

Hi All,

I was laid off on Feb 25th due to financial downturn of company. I have received couple of job offers but they have since retracted due to Corona Virus situation.

With today’s rule about 180 day grace period, is there any way I can still stay in the country. I have few interviews in pipeline and I might get a new job within 1 month.

Please let me know if there is anything I can do here.

Also, my uncle owns a company here and he is willing to hire me and change my H1b to them. But I would rather do it through official channels and have not decided on his offer. Your thoughts would be invaluable. Please help me out.

Please let me know which would be better of the two.

There is NO 180 days grace period rule. You only get 60 days for H1B. Nothing has changed.
Read H1B 60 Days Grace Period
Also, watch below


I heard that H1B grace period is extended to 8 Months …is it true ?