J1 Visa as a exhange student to H1 status

I am travelling to US on a J1 Visa as a exchange student for one year, is it possible to convert the visa status to H1 if i have a job offer from a company? What is the procedure. The university said i will also have an oppurtunity for OPT.

H-1 can be applied only when the cap is open. Next cap opens in April 2014 for an employment start date of Oct 2014. Do you have a waiver in your J-1 which allows you to file H-1 and not requires you to return to home country?

As Saurabh said, look for a small clause on your J-1 visa page. Does it say ‘Section 212(e) rule applies’? If yes, you need that rule taken care of, it is easy but takes 5-6 months, Indian government is involved. So extend your J-1 visa, buy some more time and then work on the waiver as all visa conversions are prohibited if 212e rule applies

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