J1 Approved,Msc Microbiology,$4000 is enough for life in america.


I am aksha,I am working in laboratry since last 3 years I am Msc Microbiolist.I’ve som relative in FL,they found me inyernship as a LABORATRY TECHNICIENE in Jamaica hospitals.

1)My DS form is for 1 year but supprisingly,I got my passport yesterday afternoon & supprisingly it a VO lady stamped mistakely for 3 years.so can I stay & work for 3 years or 1 year.

2)secondly,My Ds starting date is december 4,& I got visa stamp exact same ddate of my visa interview,so can I fly in this week or have to wait till DS date.

3)My salary is USA DOL4000 Permonth, Howmuch I can save,cause my cousin sister in USA told I can save half od that which is approx(2000) 1 lac in indian rupees,where I am earning it self INR 60,000 rupees in india as loboratory incharge under speciality MD doctore of micro-biology.

I am single,so howmuch I will save as savings as most aspect of this USA trip Thank you so much sir.

as well,with stamped passport send by yesterday,I’ve only got copy of My DS form not origional,My agent in bombay said I need origional DS at immigration port of entry,what shoud I do.Thanx.