I've got rejected my B1 once & now applying again for B1 , is it going to effect my H1B

Hi Experts,

I’ve applied for B1 from XYZ company, I got rejected under sec214b. I have applied H1B from the same company and i’ve been picked in lottery & now the state is in PDA- Approved.

We have got new project & my company is planning to apply for B1 again to get the transition of the new project. My manager is asking me to apply once again & try . As im leading a team it is also necessary for me to go for this Project Transition.

Please advise how many chances are there for getting approved B1 now & is there any effect going to be on my H1B if the B1 get rejected for 2nd time also,.



Hi Pavan,

You can apply B1 visa again. your rejected B1 visa application won’t effects your current annual CAP H1B visa or proposed b1 visa application.


Gopi Krishna Reddy