Isuues with Marriage Certificate for H4 Visa

Hi ! My name is M. SOWMYA in the birth certificate and in the PPT its expanded as SOWMYA MALAMAL as we keralites use our family names as initial… But i got my registration done in Tamil Nadu- Tirunelveli. Here people use their father’s name as initial. Since my father’s name is Sasi kumar, they have put my initial as S.SOWMYA. we have photos attached to the marriage certificate and the address also matches well with the PPT… The only problem is the initial… Will this lead to denial of my visa ? Please help me…

It won’t cause the denial of the H-4 visa. Make sure, you use the correct name in the DS-160 form as that is what will get stamped on the visa. I think there is also a question in DS form which asks if you have been known with any other name. There you can mention the other name.

If the officer asks about different names, just explain this to him in 1-2 sentences.