Issued 221g white slip - Hyderabad on Nov 9th and status is still in AP

Hello everyone,

I was issued a 221g white slip and the VO didn’t mark or check anything on the white slip . I gave my visa interview on Nov 9th 2017 . The VO has my passport .The VO asked basic questions.i don’t know why they issued a 221g white slip . Does anyone know ? Please reply me back

Hi Did you get an update yet? Same case with me too, VO has my passport and no additional documents asked.

Hi not yet . What about you ? What did they ask you in the interview? Can you please describe me how’s your white slip ? Thanks

Hi did you gave your visa interview in Hyderabad too ?

Mine was a dropbox case. Dropped the documents on Nov7th and was called for finger prints and interview on 16th. During the interview they asked my role, highest degree of education and where did I do my masters…

The VO was suggesting that I have to undergo a routine administrative processing and should get some update in a week… Passport was retained and no additional documents were asked…

I am working FullTime with my previous visa also stamped at Hyd and same employer, not sure what the issue is

Hi . Me and my friend gave Visa interview on the same day but he gave in Chennai . He also got the white slip but his visa got approved in one week . We work in the same company tho .

Yes, I have a friend too who is working full time(different employer though…) and same case as me… dropbox followed by interview at Chennai consulate… He got it within a week not sure why there are delays with Hyd consulate… may be due to high volume of appliations?

I don’t know why they are taking this much time in Hyderabad. It’s really frustrating. I guess high volume applications is of one of reason too . Every day I was regretting why I didn’t gave my visa interview in Chennai and everyday I’m checking status and it doesn’t change .my return flight is on nov 30th . Mine was pretty straight forward case . I did CPT -OPT-H1B with same company and direct hire

true, it is very much frustrating.I have my return flight on Dec 2nd. Not sure if I will get it by then, I think I should postpone

Me too I have sent emails to hydadmin and I got the response that they will take 60 days to process it .for sure I think I need to postpone my flight . My vacation was really screwed up because of this 221g .

Hi do you have any update on your visa ?

Hi not yet but the case last update date was changed in Nov 24 th . How about you?

Same here… let’s see what happens

For you too it’s changed to Nov 24 th ? And what does the status says for the passport? For me it’s showing no status available for my passport

Yes it changed on 24th and passport status also changed to status not available. Before it used to be still with embassy

Do you have any update yet today ?

Hi Did you get any update yet ?

Hi not yet . How about you ?

same here… date updated was changed to yesterday…

I think the status will change on Thursday or Friday I guess .