issued 221g white slip - administrative processing

Hi All,

I am looking for a suggestion on my visa issue. I had attend the visa interview on 16th Dec 2015 and just gave a white slip and said they will need to verify my client and job details. They said it requires administrative processing. They did not take my passport.

And informed the same to my employer and said they will respond to queries if they receive from consulate.

Almost 6 times I have received the phone call from consulate and they were telling me that they are waiting for a mail from my end client. Again I have informed the same to my employer when ever I am receiving a call from consulate and they were telling that they didn’t receive any mail from consulate.

Kindly suggest me on above scenario. Thank You.

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Is the employer saying they didn’t receive any mail, or the end client didn’t receive any mail?

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your response.
My employer was saying that end client didn’t receive any mail from consulate.

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Did you confirm that the consulate has the correct address? BTW is it email or mail?

consulate team is not disclosing the receipt address to whom they have sent the email. Also, I have requested the consulate send or forward the same email to either me or my employer. But they didn’t agree to send email to me or my employer. Please suggest me solutions. Thank you.

  1. Ask consulate if client can send them an email and they can ask the questions there. Who knows what email address they are sending it to.

  2. Ask consulate if they can call the client office to know the email address and then send it over there. If client is a big firm, they may have several email addresses and some of them may be non-functional. Calling them would provide consulate most up to date email address.

Thank You. I will try and hopes this will work.

I don’t have email id and phone numbers of my end client as my employer didn’t share them with me. My employer was telling that they will share client contact details once I report them in USA. As per LCA, I would be working from my employer location but not from client location. Apart from all these nonsenses, I requested my employer send a mail to consulate regarding my visa. for this, my employer was saying until unless they will receive official mail from consulate they will not take any action on my visa. due to all these things I’m hopeless on my visa. Please advise me.

Who did you mention as client when appearing for interview? Did you even give a name or anything?If yes, then look-up that company online and see what phone numbers and email addresses come-up.

There is not much you can do, if the employer prefers to play the wait game instead of being aggressive and getting this resolved.

Hi Saurabh,

Could you please let me know your thoughts and suggestions on my visa issue. do we have any other alternates for this kind of issues. I am humble about this issue either employer or consulate not disclosing the details properly.

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I would like to send a mail to hyderbad consulate regarding my visa status. Can you please help me with some sample email templates so that I willn’t miss the points and we can avoid from & to mails b/w me and consulate. please…

I don’t have any email templates to share. You can compose the email and send it to your attorney/employer for review. If you want, you can post it here and I can take a look as well.

Hi Saurabh,

I have sent the mail in below format to Hyderabad Consulate 2 weeks back but there was no response from consulate on my mail. Please let me know your thoughts based on your experience in this scenario. Thank You.

Dear Consular officer,
I have given Visa Interview on XX Dec 2015, Visa officer issued 221g white slip and told me that they require some more time to investigate.
My visa status is still showing as “Administrative Processing” at online portal.
Please have below details for your quick reference.
Receipt No#
Case No#
Visa Type: H1B Non-immigrant Worker
Kindly let me know the status on my Visa application. Your Favourable decision on my visa will be appreciated. Thank You.

It is not out of ordinary for them to not reply. There aren’t any other options but to continue to wait here.

Did you get your visa? if yes how long does it take?