Is USCIS website not working?

My case is showing as just “my CASE IS APPROVED” from 24th August and i haven’t received the E-approval notice or the approval copy. Is the USCIS error or what? it was done in premium processing and I can only see that as the status.

The attorney should receive the approval information in email. Paper notice would still take 1-2 weeks (SLA is 30 days). Nothing is sent to you directly.

i already asked and she said she did not receive it yet

As it is PP, the attorney can email and ask for it. But the real information is in the paper notice which would still take 1-2 weeks.

so it is confirmed approved right? not any system error?

Yes, approved. Wait for couple of weeks and employer should receive the paper notice.

Thanks Saurabh!! got my approval and even H4 approval together :slight_smile: