Is there separate H1B quota for each country


I am an Indian born British citizen. I am planning to find a job in the US so guess will need a H1B visa. If so is there a separate H1B quota for each country or is the cap of 65000 worldwide on a first come first served basis.

I have another question - my family (Mom & sister) is in US and they are American citizens. My mom is planning to sponsor me so is going to apply for my immigration (i130 application) soon. I know it will take a number of years to get the immigration but will this cause any problem if I apply for a H1B visa meanwhile ?



H1B is not Country wise, it is for entire world except 6500 which is meant for singpore and malaysia. and 20000 for people who came in to US for Study purpose and wanted to continue for employment purpose. Excluding this Remaining all is counted world wide on first come first serve basis.

  1. Your H1B petition will not affect your I30 sponsership.