Is there Authority to deny my entry??

Hey… I am on student visa in USA… & I have completed my 2 semester of master degree… now I am planning to come to meet my family… but the question is that I took 2 transfer… & 1st from master degree to associate degree… & 2nd from associate to masters degree… now I am studying in masters… but because of my 1st transfer,master to associate degree, they will deny my entry on the basis of my this transfer??

Well, at the port of entry, the CBP officer has the authority to deny entry anytime…But, the fact of life is that, they do not just deny entry without any reason. You doing transfers has nothing to do with it. As long as you have a proper reasons, if CBP officer asks, you should be fine. Make sure you carry all relevant documentation like updated I20 and any other documents from DSO. Speak to your DSO, if you have any questions.

Thank you… I took transfers just because the survival problems… I do not have any other reason, so will they believe on me or not? Means on the basis of this reason, will they take any action?? I am very afraid.

Well, all you can do is state the facts. It is common for students to take transfer to different universities, don’t worry too much…If you are so scared, you can postpone your travel plans.

Thank u so much for guiding me… would u know what type of questions they ask??

Immigration official generally asks questions about your current and past situation. He might ask you to tell him about your course syllabus and why you had to change previously.

Just be confident in answering and that is what they expect. Anyone trying to dodge the question or appearing nervous gives them an opportunity to be doubtful.