Is there any way to get H1B petition approved copy from USCIS?

I have H1b petition approved copy and i changed another company.

Old company is not willing to give H1b papers[I797,i94].Is ther any way to get the papers from USCIS? Please help me.

Are you inside US or outside US? As long as you have copy of the approval notice, you can go ahead w/ H-1 transfer.

Oh…Ok.Thanks for valuable reply.
Currently,i am in India only.Then,is it possible to transfer from one employer to another one without having hard copy of papers.
Please help me.

You always need the receipt number or copy of approval notice for this. If you are outside US, then I-94 is not required as it is generated only when you are inside US (that’s why I asked about your location).

Thanks Saurabh.
This week ,i came to USA on B1 visa .I have H1B receipt number[REF] but I don’t have H1B i797/i129 soft/hard copies.In this case also,is it possible to transfer H1B Petition from Old to New Company?

Yes, a new company can file cap-exempt petition (aka H-1 transfer) using the receipt number.

If you are inside US, and want to start working ASAP, then they can apply H-1 transfer w/ COS. Your H-1 attorney can guide you how soon you can file it. As a general rule of thumb, you should not file for COS within first 30-60 days, but your attorney can guide you w/ exact dates.