Is there any problem at USA port of entry, if our intended arrival delays

Is there any problem at US port of entry, if our plan of travel deviates from what we stated in DS160 for H1B.


My H1B Visa got approved in the Febraury month. While filling up the DS160 form for visa interview scheduling, I have mentioned my intended arrival at USA as 08-March-2013, but now I am unable to fullfill that becoz of the relieving problems in the present organization. The intended arrival may change to 21-April-2013, as per the current situation.


Will it create any problem at the USA Port of Entry, with the above deviation from DS-160 intended arrival date.


Please any body guide me in this regard.


With Regards


It might not create any problem.

There should not be any problem, you might not even be asked about it at poe