Is there any option to take up work in a US company without H1B visa?

Hi, I’m currently working in India for Company X. I have a job offer in a US company based out of Atlanta (Customer of X - Lets call Company Y). Company Y has offices in Atlanta, Mexico, London and Sydney but do not have any office in India. Y has offered me a position in their company at Atlanta Office. However the H1B visa cap has reached for this year and I cannot apply for it anymore
Is there any other option through which I can take up the offer from Company Y. They are also ok to make an offer to me in their other locations outside US if that would help me come to US sooner.
Additional info: I have a B1 Visa and have made two short trips to the US in the past.
Please help. Also point me to any consultancies who provide these services. I can request company Y to get in touch with them.

H1B and L1 are the primary VISAs that are used for temporary work in USA. Currently, the H1B cap is over and for you to be eligible to file L1 petition, you should have been working with this company’s office outside US for one continuous year in the 3 years preceding your entry to US. Thus, even if you join the company in another location, you need to wait for one year to apply L1.

I don't see much options for you other than waiting till April 2013 to apply for FY2014 H1B quota and start working from 1st October 2013.