Is there any hope of h1b approval after rfe, waiting since 2 months.

I work in a renouned US MNC. Applied H1B in april 2013. Recieved RFE in sept 2013.According to uscis it takes 60 days for any notification bt no response yet. Have almost lost hope. Can i get approval? because its almost going to be 60 days now. Is getting RFE not normal?

Any one on the same boat or any usefull info will help.

Yes … 100% Hopes can be there , There are chances but It can be approved too !!!

Thanx for ur answer. Bt I think ur sentences are very contradictory.

You should not loose hope.Getting an RFE is very normal and you certaily have full chances of approval.Do not worry about the time frame, because sometimes it takes long, but the result is positive. Getting an RFE is very normal. All the very best