Is sponsor genuine and is it okay to ask for large security deposits?

I have seen many questions here on background of H-1B sponsors and the security deposit requested. Most are wondering if the sponsors are genuine. I thought of posting the question here and answer it so that it is easy to locate.

  1. Most of the sponsors, in fact 99% of them are genuine. If you are in doubt, use google to search ‘company name sos state’ combination of words and it will come up with state level data. You can also google ‘sos state’ with state replacing the location of your sponsor and search state databases

  2. Why am I calling them genuine? If they were frauds, they would be travel agent type of people and not in the business of sponsoring H-1Bs, it is too much hard work

  3. Where is the problem? The company is sponsoring your H-1B and at the other end is hopeful of projects. The latter end worries them sick. You have arrived with bag, baggage, wife (or husband) and baby and they find out that there is delay to project start. They will or should use the security deposit to pay you in the interim. You may request this.

  4. There is another problem linked to #3. You are so highly qualified that people in the field will tell you that your hourly rate is 3 times what the sponsor has offered. You decide to jump ship and this poses a tremednous loss of face and business to sponsor. Hence again the security deposit angle. The more qualified you are, ironically the security deposit will also be higher. They want your loyalty.

  5. Bonds are illegal even if you have signed 2 year commitments in triplicate. Security deposits are the only way the sponsor can hold you. Understanding this and affirming your loyalty will keep you and hence them happier for longer.

  6. You have the right to ask sponsor on time frame to refund security deposit and surety of projects. The answer should be realistic such as ‘until we have recovered our costs through your working with us’ and ‘we are well known in the industry for the special skillsets you have’. You can look up the latter data, the website will reflect it as well.

  7. Bad apples exist everywhere but people mostly are good. Technical fields carry a large amount of stress specially as these companies are put under the x-ray by USCIS and DOL almost daily.

So don’t worry too much, make the basic check point evaluation and take the plunge. It is your dream.

With best wishes and blessings

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA.;