Is No Objection Certificate mandatory for L2 Visa.


My wife would soon be going for L1A visa stamping. I plan to accompany her and so plan to get L2 visa.

As I’m a working professional in private IT company, Do i really need to carry a NOC(No Objection Certificate) from my company while going in for the visa interview.

If yes, suppose I can’t manage to take a NOC, Could that result in a visa denial?



I would really appreciate if someone with the knowledge can answer this question.


I have the same query. Can you please help me out.

Hi vinay,
Did u attend the Visa interview??what happened with NoC…even I’m in the same situation.

Hey Narmada, i didn’t carry a NoC to the interview. To be honest i can’t tell you whether it is required or not because the L1A blanket visa was denied for my wife.
Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. Good luck !

Thanks for the reply vinay. All the best for the future.