Is my H1B visa valid to return to US?

I got my H1B started on Oct 1st 2020 and ends on May 31st 2023. I’m going to India on Mid Jan 2023 and return on Mid Feb 2023. I’ve already had a valid H1B visa stamp until May 31st 2023 from Delhi consulate in Jan 2022.

The company which I’m working is bought by another big tech company. Now I already had my H1B extension approved with new company from Oct 1st 2023 to Sep 30th 2025.

My question: Do I need to get a visa consular appointment/Dropbox in India again? or I can directly go to India and be back in US until May 31st 2023?

You can use your current visa to enter the US as far as it is valid on the day you enter.