Is my H1 Petition Cancelled or Withdrawn?


A prospective employer, filed a H1 petition in 2015.On June 10 2015, I received an email saying my H1 petition was approved. I have the receipt number.

Around November 2015, employer reached out to me and asked me if I can join his organization. Unfortunately I couldn’t join. So employer informed me that my H1 petition will be cancelled/withdrawn.Employer is currently not respoding to my queries.

I want to know if the H1 B petition was cancelled or withdrawn? I have the receipt number. I checked on the below link, using the receipt number and it still shows the status update as on June 2015.

Link: Status on above website: Case Was Approved And My Decision Was Mailed"

Question 1: Based on the above mentioned current status, Can I assume that my petition wasn’t cancelled and I can reach out to the employer, join his organization and get my Visa stamped? Question 2: Is there any other way using which I can get a confirmation on the latest status based on the receipt number.Question 3: If a employer cancels/withdraws a petition, does that not reflect on the above website ( 4: Though my petition was approved in 2015, can I still get it stamped in 2017?