Is My DS-160 should match with H1b Initial Data - Urgent reply plz

There is some issue with one of my document, I am thinking, not to mention in the DS-160.
Is my DS-160 should match with H1B initial data?

I don’t understand your question. Please elaborate.

I have done my PG from one of the distance education, seems that is not valid for Visa and while applying the VISA, I had submitted that document.
And it got approved.
In the March, am going for the interview, so I do not want to mention in DS-160 about my PG.

In the VISA interview do they compare DS-160 with previous documents?

Consulate officer will have all the information you submitted in your H1B petition with USCIS. You must state all facts instead of hiding information which may in fact create more issues for you.
As your petition was approved using the same degree, I don’t think there will be any issue with your visa interview.